Woman: Allenby found one block from bar, not 10 km


An Australian TV station is reporting Monday that it has tracked down the homeless woman who found a beaten and robbed Robert Allenby, but she disputes a few key details of Allenby’s account.

The homeless woman told police that she stumbled upon Allenby not 10 kilometers from the wine bar, as Allenby claimed, but one block, where he was “bloodied and confused,” according to 9News. She also said that Allenby attempted to pay off two men to retrieve his belongings, but they became angered with the $500 offer and Allenby took a taxi back to his hotel. 

Allenby, however, says that he got separated from his friends and abducted by men who seemed like “big Robert Allenby fans.” He claims he was stuffed into the trunk of a car and dumped in a park 10 kilometers from the bar. He also said that two homeless men in the park had kicked him and attempted to steal whatever he had left until a former soldier walked over and intervened.

9News also reported Monday that Honolulu police have obtained surveillance video that shows one of the suspects purchasing alcohol with one of Allenby’s stolen credit cards.