Woods' back went out before round even started


LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Even before his second round started, Tiger Woods knew this one was going to hurt.

Following a second straight 3-over 74 that left him on the wrong side of the PGA Championship cut line, Woods admitted that his most recent back injury flared up during his warmup session on the driving range.

"It went out on me on the range," he confided. "When I was warming up, I hit a 4-iron out there. I felt the same thing I had last week. It's a matter of getting through it."

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He got through it, but not without noticeable limping and grimacing throughout the round.

It also didn't exactly help his performance.

"It throws everything off," he said. "I can't get anywhere near the positions that I'm accustomed to getting to. I can't do it. I've got to rely on timing, hands and hopefully I can time it just right."

Woods had previously stated that his trainer was on site at Valhalla this week but explained why a quick fix during the round wasn't plausible.

"It would have helped probably temporarily, but there's really it's kind of hard to put it into a place. You need a table out there. Not like we can call a timeout and go in the locker room real quick like some sports can. This is one of those things you have to keep going."