Wronowski to remain PGA's honorary president


INDIANAPOLIS – As a last order of business at the PGA of America’s annual meeting, officials announced that Allen Wronowski would serve a second two-year term as honorary president of the association.

The role of honorary president is normally served by the outgoing president, but Ted Bishop was removed from office last month following an insensitive tweet, leaving PGA officials in a constitutional bind.

“If you look at the constitution of the PGA of America, it says [what] the board shall be comprised of and one of the spots is honorary president,” said PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua. “The officers felt it made the most sense to have the role filled and filled by Allen because he was certainly a logical choice.”

Derek Sprague was elected president of the association after a two-year term as vice president and Paul Levy moved into the post of vice president.

Suzy Whaley was elected secretary in a historic vote. Whaley is the first female to be elected an officer of the PGA and is poised - four years from now - to become its first president.