Mickelson continues ownership talks with San Diego Padres


Already in San Diego for a high-stakes shot under the lights, Phil Mickelson confirmed Monday that talks are still ongoing for the four-time major winner to take a minority ownership stake in the San Diego Padres baseball team.

'We'll hopefully have something here shortly to announce,' said Mickelson, whose 100-yard shot during halftime of last night's Monday Night Football game yielded $50,000 for charity.

Earlier this summer, one of the Padres' new principal owners, Peter Seidler, indicated that including Mickelson in the ownership group was very much a part of their plans.

'We have a spot in our group for Phil and only Phil,' Seidler announced at the time. 'We expect that to be finalized in two weeks.'

Nearly six weeks have passed, though, and when the sale of the club was finalized in August, Mickelson's name was not included on the official list of owners. According to Mickelson, a San Diego native, plans for his minority ownership stake are moving forward as scheduled.

'There are a lot of variables,' he explained on Monday. 'It's the timing of everything as it relates to my career, how that will work over time - how we'll work through that and so forth. All of that stuff plays into the whole relationship. We just want to have a clear understanding.'