R&A allowing distance devices in amateur events


Beginning in 2014, amateurs using lasers from the fairway to gather yardage information will be a welcome sight at events sanctioned by the R&A.

In an announcement Monday morning, the governing body explained that it will allow distance measuring devices (DMDs) to be used during amateur events beginning this year.

"DMD's have been covered by an optional Local Rule, which has been available under the Rules of Golf since 2006," the announcement read in part. "The Championship Commitee will take up this option for 2014."

According to the release, the change will not apply to the Open Championship, nor will DMD's be allowed during any rounds of qualification for the season's third major.

While many elite amateurs may rejoice upon hearing of the R&A's decision, one notable English professional disagreed with the change and took to Twitter Monday morning to voice his opinion: