800-pound gator 'Chubby' caught on Texas golf course


In the pantheon of Grill Room gator blogs, this one will go down right in that meaty part of the curve, not showing off, but not falling behind either.

It may not be as cool as Jeremy Roenick attacking a gator, or this idiot who who put a towel over a gator's head and grabbed it around the neck, or even this dinosaur looking gator that took over a Florida golf course, but what we have here is a gator so big that it has a name, so that's ... that's ... something.

'Chubby,' a 12-foot, 800-pound alligator was captured on a Richmond, Texas golf course. The gator was so big, in fact, that local gator wrastler, a steryotype-crushing petite blonde woman, had to use a golf cart to drag it out of the water before relocating it to an animal sanctuary.

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