Massive gator takes over Florida course


I've seen the movie Lake Placid, so I have at least an idea about how this ends. (Hint: Betty White shows up.)

The pictures you see below come courtesy the Myakka Pines Golf Club's Facebook page. 

First of all, I think Dick Huber might be insane. Second, we can say with some degree of certainty the image is not photoshopped. How? Because Myakka Pines, located on Florida's Gulf Coast in Englewood, is known for its gator run-ins. One group in 2014 found a gator sunning itself on the course with a ball on top of its head.

The club's general manager, Mickie Zada, told a local news station: "We've had a lot of gators, we've had a lot of golf balls that have run up near gators, but we haven't had one on top of a gator's head that I know of."

You guys ever watch Swamp People? Great show.