Caddy Girls turned down on 'Shark Tank'


Meghan Tarmey appeared on “Shark Tank” last Friday night to pitch the sharks a 20 percent stake in her company, The Caddy Girls, in return for a $100K investment.

Some things are as they appear, and such is the case with Tarmey’s company – The Caddy Girls is an all-female caddying service based in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“We provide the refreshing company of a beautiful woman that is also a great caddy,” Tarmey said. “We drive the cart, keep the score, tend the pin, rake the sand traps, read the green, and on top of that, we’re your personal cheerleaders to do backflips for you when you get birdies.”

Even I might pay for someone to do backflips every time I get a birdie, but for now I’ll keep my money where I can see it – in my closet, of course – because at no point during Tarmey’s pitch did I see backflips.

Sharks Mark Cuban and Daymond John both said they don’t like golf (as if they know a good thing when they see one!); Lori Greiner foresaw a lot of “issues”; Robert Herjavec said Caddy Girls was in the “hustle stage” and not the investment stage; but Kevin O’Leary offered Tarmey the $100K … for 50 percent of her company. (Watch the full clip of Tarmey's appearance on "Shark Tank" below. Click here for The Caddy Girls gallery.)

A teary-eyed Tarmey turned down O’Leary’s offer.

“I’m not giving him half. That’s like a divorce,” Tarmey so eloquently noted.

Dry those eyes. Ahead are blue skies.

The day after appearing on the show, Tarmey told that she had received a spike in interest and about 50 independent investment offers.

If The Caddy Girls’ story doesn’t spike your interest, perhaps their calendar will.

And if you have a golf outing on your calendar that could be enhanced by The Caddy Girls, go ahead and give them a call. Just don't expect any backflips.