Crane and Day's college title-game bet: '100 pushups'


The College Football Playoff National Championship is Monday night, with Oregon and Ohio State vying for the title.

Or, viewed another way: Ben Crane versus Jason Day.

Crane is the only Oregon graduate currently on the PGA Tour, while Day is an adopted Buckeyes fan after the Australian moved to Columbus, Ohio, a few years ago.

That got us thinking about side bets, and Crane recently told a PGA Tour media official that he and Day have a little something extra on the line in Monday’s game.

“One hundred pushups,” Crane woofed. “He’s going to be sore going into Sony.”

One hundred pushups?! That’s it? Day might have an injury history, but the dude is built like a linebacker. He might even enjoy this "punishment"!

For what it’s worth, Oregon is favored by just six points. (The Ducks were installed as an early seven-point favorite.)

Thankfully, there is still time to change the parameters of the deal.