Guy goes all 'Tin Cup,' snaps his clubs in half


Ever had a bad day on the course? Of course you have.

Ever snap almost every club in your bag in half after said bad day? Of course you haven't. You're an adult. 

Golf is a game, a frustrating game, but a game nonetheless. It's also an expensive game, which is another reason more rounds don't end like this.

Still, if someone is going to melt down in this epic fashion, I'm not above laughing at them, and you shouldn't be either. Here's a sneak peak:

Evokes some fond memories of Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy doesn't it? And we all know how he turned out, so actually, maybe this guy is on the right track.

You can catch the full freak-out below. (Warning: Video contains offensive language) It's highly recommended though, even if you have to earmuff it.

h/t to Golf Digest