Kid Rock: Tiger has 'Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome'


It appears as though we have officially exhausted the list of golf pundits who have something to say about Tiger Woods and have thus arrived at a most unlikely source for insight - Kid Rock.

Included in a new Rolling Stone profile, entitled "The Killer Inside Kid Rock," is the news that the 44-year-old entertainer has recently been accepted as a member at the prestigious Bear's Club near Palm Beach, Fla. This, for the record, is the same Bear's Club at which Michael Jordan is a member ... for now.

At least Rock surrounded himself with some decent coaches. Per the piece, "he recently got some pointers at the range from Nicklaus himself, and he hit balls at Tiger Woods' nearby house."

"Nice kid," Rock told Rolling Stone, referring to Woods. "A little bit of an Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome. Very reclusive, literal, and sometimes you feel a little bad for them. Sometimes they think the world's against them. You gotta loosen up, man! People are gonna talk s---. You just gotta enjoy it!"

So it's not the back, and it's not the yips, but it is mental. It's Axl Rose syndrome? The fact that our own Brandel Chamblee already quoted Eminem during last year's Live From the PGA Championship must mean something.