Report: Jordan may build course to avoid slow play


It's a question the golf industry has been battling for years: what's the best way to combat slow play?

If you're Michael Jordan, the answer seems to be easy - just build your own course.

According to a report, the NBA legend is apparently fed up with the slow pace of play at the Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla., where Jordan is a member alongside PGA Tour pros like Rory McIlroy and Keegan Bradley.

"Michael likes to play fast and he can't stand it when people won't let him through," one source said. "That happens enough out there that he's gotten fed up."

That source adds that Jordan has reportedly secured an option on a piece of land just down the road from the Bear's Club in Hobe Sound, near Medalist Golf Club - another exclusive track that boasts a membership list littered with PGA Tour players.

While it remains to be seen if a course can or will be built on the land - Greg Norman reportedly took "exploratory tours" of the property, but opted against using it for a "golf-related project" - the idea would be for Jordan to form an ultra-exclusive club with hand-picked membership.

"He's going to keep it small, probably fewer than a hundred," the source said. "Fellow athletes, buddies, and other people who come highly recommended."