Look out, London! Carly bringing twerking to town


Carly Booth's skill set is not solely limited to her ability to get a little white ball in a hole. In fact, what she does in between the ropes on the Ladies European Tour may be the least impressive thing about her.

Booth posted this video to Instagram Wednesday in advance of a girls trip she's having in London this weekend.

Pretty impressive stuff. Perhaps she's been hanging with Michelle Wie lately and getting a few tips from her. While we cannot confirm that, we can confirm she recently spent some time with Jessica Alba in China. Alba's dance moves have been well documented.

I will miss these two amazing girls!

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Not that it appears she needed any pointers. Two weeks earlier, Booth posted video of her and friends showcasing dance moves in a previous rain delay.

#fbf a brief peep of what happened in our previous rain delay with @hennizuel #tourlife #letgolf

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We're not entirely certain what Booth and friends have in store for the weekend, but we have a feeling it will be epic.