Ko's first car is nicer than your first - and last - car


Think way back to when you were a teenager with a brand-new driver's license and you would do anything for the freedom that was your very own car.

Maybe you busted your butt waiting tables for a summer to afford a 15-year-old Acura Legend with 200,000 miles on it.

Maybe you begged a distant relative for access to their winter beater while they weren't using it.

Maybe you got really good at golf and Lexus just sent you a car.

Wait, what?!?

Chalk it up as just another reason it's good to play golf professionally, but according to Lydia Ko's Instagram account, the 18-year-old is the proud new owner of a 2016 Lexus RC F Sports Coupe.

Valued at $63,000 and packing 467 horsepower, the car is just a little bit more expensive and faster than the car she learned how to drive on a couple years ago at Golf Channel studios.

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