Thomas ranks #SB2K16 bros, gives MVP to Smylie


In what is surely the most depressing news of the day, it appears #SB2K16 has come to an end.

The bro-down in the Bahamas that featured Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, Smylie Kaufman and even a cameo from Graeme McDowell, living it up at Bakers Bay all week will never be forgotten, and shortly after the vacation ended, Thomas did some quick reflecting on the trip.

Going up against a couple of the biggest names in the game, Kaufman pulled a major upset and took home MVP honors, and it's hard to argue with the selection. Smylie was an animal from the moment they touched down in the Bahamas, putting on, as Thomas said, a "dominating performance," jumping off balconies, dancing on top of golf carts, helping the No. 2 player in the world with his sit-ups, double-fisting on the driving range and even trying his hand at the balance board

Thomas went on to say some very nice things about the other #SB2K16 participants as well, and then dropped the tease of all teases, leaving us with. "very excited for the following trips, and doing it all again."

Hey guys, if you're looking for an official Snapchatter for #SBK217, I think I may know a guy.