Tiger takes small amount of Cuban's money at poker


(Photo courtesy of Tiger Woods Foundation)

Tiger Jam 2015 has come to a close. There was poker, drinks, celebrities and Ed Freakin' Sheeran. And, most importantly, it all benefitted the Tiger Woods Foundation.

By all accounts, it was a tremendous success. Well, maybe not all accounts.

In the Instagram video below, Mark Cuban playfully chides Tiger for taking all of his money at the poker table, even going so far as saying he is "broke, dead broke ... because of this guy" as the camera pans over to show a steely-faced Woods.

Considering Cuban's net worth is estimated a $3 billion, we're going to assume he was joking.

Here are some other photos from the event. It appears everyone had a good time.

Woods even smiled in a couple of the photos. Taking some money off the Cubes will do that to a fellow.

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