#TrickShotThursday: Rap star Matty drops new video


We haven't checked in with Matty since the PGA Merchandise Show, so we figured what better time to bring him back than #TrickShotThursday? The 11-year-old behind the viral rap phenomenon, "Stop, Drop and Make a 12-Foota," has been blowing up since releasing the music video, but his penchant for making mid-range putts is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this kid.

Lately he's been posting trick shots to his various social media pages, and he compiled a bunch of them into his latest video, "I Love This Game," which you can should watch below. Matty does it all.

The two-ball flop shot into the hat ... check. The juggling through the legs shot ... nailed it. Bank shot off the slope ... too easy. Putting two balls into the same cup simultaneously ... where's the challenge?

Sure we've seen a lot of this stuff before, but again, and I can't stress this enough, he's 11. Put some shades on kid, your future is bright.

Do yourself a favor and jump on "your boy MD's" bandwagon now before it fills up. Give him a follow on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for all of his latest videos.

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