Trump asks GE CEO to recount hole-in-one story


President Donald Trump held a meeting Thursday with the heads of various U.S. manufacturing firms and brought up, unprompted, a previous hole-in-one.

As each manufacturing chief was going around the table introducing himself or herself, Trump stopped the proceedings to prod General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt to share with the assembled titans of industry the following story (transcript embedded below video):

Immlet: Mr. President, good to see you again. Jeff Immelt ...

Trump: Hi, Jeff.

Immelt: [General Electric]. Great to be here. Look forward to really working with you on creating more manufacturing ...

Trump: Jeff actually watched me make a hole-in-one. Can you believe that? Should you tell that story?

Immelt: Uh, we were trying to talk President Trump into doing "The Apprentice." That was my assignment when we owned NBC. President Trump goes up to a par-3 on his course. He looks at the three of us and says, 'You realize, of course, I'm,the richest golfer in the world.' ... Then [he] gets a hole-in-one. So I have to say, I've seen the magic before. So ...

Trump: It's a crazy. It's a crazy– no, I actually said I was "the best golfer of all the rich people," to be exact, and then I got a hole-in-one. So it was sort of cool. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Here, separately, is the transcript of the President's interaction with the head of Campbell's Soup: