Readers to determine Tiger's greatest moment


Picture Tiger Woods for a moment, in a moment. Think happy thoughts.

What do you see?

Is he pumping his fist, slamming his hat, hugging his father? Is he screaming, pointing, smiling, crying?

Each of the last two years, has showcased an Ultimate Match Play. We first asked readers to determine who is the greatest player of all time. You voted for Tiger over Jack Nicklaus.

Last year, the subject was: greatest major of all time. You voted for Nicklaus’ 1986 Masters triumph over Woods’ 2008 U.S. Open victory.

The focus is now on Tiger’s top moments.

To determine the candidates for the Tiger Woods’ Greatest Moments Match Play (or, simply, TWGMMP), we first had to specify the meaning of a “moment.”

Merriam-Webster defines a moment as: a very short period of time; a precise point in time. For our purposes, it is a reaction, a swing or a bite of sound. It is a fraction of time, one in which we can close our eyes and see or hear clearly the defining action. It is an instant – at most, a mental Vine.

To be clear, this is not about achievement or historical significance. The candidates were not selected or seeded based on accomplishment. Woods’ 2001 Masters victory, the one that secured his fourth consecutive major title, may be his greatest achievement. Perhaps you’d argue that it is his winning the 2000 U.S. Open by 15 shots. But in either of those is there a moment, a snippet of time, something singular that is as memorable as the overall accomplishment?

You might say yes, and, if so, great – a moment from each is included among the 16 seeds and welcomes your vote.

Tiger, more so than any golfer, perhaps more so than any athlete ever save Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan, has produced unforgettable moments. For an athlete to author one such indelibility in his or her career is impressive. For Tiger, it was a task to narrow it down to 16. writers and editors produced individual lists of Tiger moments. We then grouped the entries together and allowed everyone to rank them, 1-16, assigning a point value for each position.

The top point-getter is our No. 1 seed, and down the line. There were disagreements and some of people’s favorite moments made the cutting-room floor. But seeds don’t matter as much as your votes.

Round 1 match-ups will be revealed Tuesday and readers will be able to vote until the following Monday. Tuesday, March 17, we will reveal the winners and Elite 8 matches. March 24 will showcase the Final Four and we’ll present your finals on March 31.

April 7, the Tuesday of Masters week, we will reveal the champion of the Tiger Woods’ Greatest Moments Match Play.

Starting Tuesday, it’s all up to you: Go and determine Tiger’s greatest moment.