Carnoustie tale earns a spot on the Divine Nine bus in Carson Valley


We have a winner in the Carson City/Carson Valley Divine Nine Media Tour Golf Channel writing contest. Mike Moore, a 64-year-old from Houston, won with the tale of his trip to Carnoustie. He’ll now head to Carson Valley and take part in the Divine Nine Media Tour and spend a few extra days playing golf in the area. 

Stay tuned for later in October when Moore's story will be posted on the Travel Insider blog. 

Judges for the contest included GolfNow show host Lauren Thompson and Golf Channel columnist Jason Sobel, as well as the editorial team from and the network of golf travel. Each voted on their favorites and gave their reasons why. 

Moore submitted a story about his golf trip “thinly veiled as a business trip.” He shared a little insight about how Carnoustie, which built a new hotel prior to the 1999 Open Championship, used to look back in 1981: “A rather dull cinder block affair with all the aesthetic appeal of an old muni course in rural Kansas.” 

He also told of the transformation of his clients. While they began the day not too impressed, over the course of their round they came to learn the magic of links golf in Scotland. 

“I can fully relate to being underwhelmed prior to teeing off on the ‘Old Sod,’” said Mark Nessmith, Editor from and one of the judges in the event. “So many of the clubhouses are modest and unassuming, taking on the air of a quality muni in the U.S.” 

Runner-up was from Todd Anderson from New Jersey, who wrote a light-hearted tale about a guy who didn’t let food poisoning ruin his buddies trip to  Myrtle Beach. He ended his story with this gem: 

“I graciously accepted the ‘Pooper Trooper’ award for play ‘Above and Beyond the Call of Doodie!’ '

Said Jason Sobel of Anderson's story: “I picked it due to the fact that it was the most well-written story. Complete with a lede that drew me in, a cohesive middle and a payoff at the conclusion.” 

Coming in third was the unique story by Steve Clark from Seattle, whose recent divorce made a trip to Bandon Dunes with his son all that more unique.  GolfNow host Lauren Thompson especially enjoyed it. 

“Funny how we all set expectations for a trip,” said Thompson. “Only to see those expectations exceeded when we go with the flow and embrace the bigger picture.”

Now Mr. Moore, if you thought Carnoustie was tough, try spending all day on a bus full of golf writers. We’re looking forward to receiving your post that will appear at soon afterwards. 

I’d like to give many thanks to those who entered the contest. Everyone here who participated at Golf Channel enjoyed reading some wonderfully unique golf travel stories.