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Duke women's golfer to hoops team: 'We have 2 more national championships'

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Duke is synonymous with championship basketball.

Under legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski, the Blue Devils have won five NCAA titles in men's hoops. 

Dan Brooks is a legend in his own right, having experienced much success in his 35 years at the helm of the Blue Devils women's golf program. Brooks led his team to a seventh national championship on Wednesday at Blessings Golf Club, and afterwards he was asked about his relationship with Coach K.

"We've chatted a little bit, but it's never been like a mentorship thing," Brooks said. "But I'm inspired my him, just like all of us are because of what he's accomplished and what he stands for. So I'm kind of the same as everybody else. ... We're driven, and I'm sure it's back there inside of us because he's been there a long time doing great things, and it's part of our fiber, I guess."

That's when Duke senior Virginia Elena Carta chimed in: "And we have two more national championships than he does."

Added freshman Gina Kim: "That's why I wanted to win, was so I could use that as my caption [on Instagram]."