Big Break Secrets Revealed



Big Break Secrets Revealed”

Well folks...we are nearing the end. And since you have been loyal blog readers I have decided to let you in on a huge Big Break Secret. Come closer.... a little closer.... nope that’s too close, back up a little bit. OK, that’s good. Here it is: The Kent/Carl match didn’t actually happen the way we showed it. I know, I know.... how dare I deceive you, our loyal viewers, with such trickery and tomfoolery? Well, trust me, if it was a two- hour show and if I coulda, I woulda. Unfortunately, they pay me unheard of amounts of money (probably not as much as you are thinking) to tell each episode in a concise and accurate way but still in a fixed amount of time. And I can say in all honesty that what you saw was some pretty good golf. But here is how the epic match of Kent vs. Carl really went down:

1st hole thru 3rd hole - AS SHOWN (you thought Kent was toast didn’t you?? Admit it. I know I did.)

All Playoff holes were played on the 17th hole.

1st Playoff Hole - Both guys hit the fairway; Kent hit it to 25 ft., Carl to 40 ft. Both guys made pretty routine pars.

2nd Playoff Hole - Kent down the middle, Carl goes wayyyy right in the trees close to where he was in regulation. Kent hits his approach to 30 ft. Carl now decides he has no choice but to go for it and pulls it off - - through the trees, over the water, over the bunkers to 40 ft. Both guys make par.

3rd Playoff Hole - Both guys in the fairway; Kent hits it to 8 ft. then Carl steps up and hits his approach to 18 inches!! Kent makes his birdie putt, Carl taps in his birdie putt and back to the tee they go.

4th Playoff Hole - AS SHOWN

Now before you call me all kinds of not nice things for withholding this crazy good match, I will simply say if I coulda, I woulda. But now you know the whole truth and this match will probably go down as the best ever.

The David and Will Match required no condensing so it was what it was. And now the finale is setup and I will tell you that as a naturalized citizen of these great United States (originally from Canada) it was impossible for me to choose a favorite. But it was an excellent match.