Comebacker Town


The Comebacker is all over the map but, judging from the e-mails this week, the map only has two towns on it: Wie City and Mickelsonville.
Without further ado:
George writes: To discount the hard work that Angela Stanford put in to get to the level needed to pull of an LPGA win is insane. Give me a break. When, and I say WHEN, because it will happen this year, Michelle Wie gets a win, write all the articles you want. For Gods sake, will you please take a break from the bandwagon?
The Comebacker Ignoring Wies presence on the LPGA right now would be to ignore a room full of elephants. As for Angela Stanford: shes the hottest player in womens golf right now. She has won three of her last seven starts and hasnt finished worse than sixth in any of those tournaments. Nobody who knows anything about the game is discounting what she has been doing.

Jerry writes: Michelle has so much talent it won't be long until she is on top of that tour, but right now Angela Stanford is there and it has been earned by hard work and determination.
The Comebacker
Jerry, please give George a call.

Steve writes: So, what you are saying is Angela is chopped liver? It is really disappointing to read this kind of crap in light of the awesome numbers that Angela put up. She continues to raise her game every year and the media continues to ignore her. Angela will be in the last group but who gets the camera time? Its always some mid-pack blonde or lithe eye candy. Very sad.
The Comebacker Mid-pack blonde?....Sounds like the sequel to a B movie starring Patrick Swayze. (Therell never be another, Roadhouse.)

Dave writes: As a lefty and a fan of Phils ability and fearlessness, thus far this season and late last season, I wish he would decide to play with feel and not so much technique again. I believe he has two masters; Butch and Dave. Like so many of us amateurs, we think too much. Someone with Phils game should go out and play.
The Comebacker This just in: Phil Mickelson birdied six of the first 12 holes at Riviera Thursday en route to an 8-under 63. Maybe he wasnt thinking.

Brian writes: Her parents Bo and B.J. get a clear 'A' for how they've taught her the game, and life. But Tiger's dad and mom get an 'A+. And that difference is between a great golfer and a legend who re-writes history. When the title is on the line, most peoples games choke. Tiger is the rarest exception. Michelle's the opposite.
The Comebacker
Maybe its the grandparents fault.

Keith writes: Grateful for the opportunities? Appreciative of the work done by others? I dont think so, Annika. Lets hope everyone who cant be No.1 doesnt walk away from the sponsors and the fans and the game.
The Comebacker
Whoa. Whered that one come from?

Stephen writes: I believe that Phil should get rid of the Breaking Point (hat) and go back to the Breaking Point (sun visor). He plays much better with it than the hat. This of course is just my opinion.
The Comebacker
And heres my opinion: The hat worked pretty well Thursday at Riviera.

Philip writes: Phil, probably the best feel player who ever played the game, has been going down hill since he hired Pelz and Butch. They both have tried to turn Phil into a technician. It won't work. My advice to Phil is forget them, go back to being the feel player you are, one who hits a 9-iron 200 yards and the a 4-iron 180 yards, and you will quickly return to form.
The Comebacker Sorry, Philip, but Im thinking here Tiger probably believes hes the best feel player who ever played the game. And if he reads The Comebacker, or somebody sends this to him, this will be just more fodder for his bulletin board.

Doug writes: Winning golf tournaments is a skill that can only come from experience, and usually that experience comes from first losing golf tournaments. Before he won eight major championships, Tom Watson had a reputation as a guy who couldn't close the deal. Six-time major champion Nick Faldo formerly had a reputation as Fold-O. Even Bobby Jones had a dry spell: Competing in national championships starting at age 14, it took him seven years to win the first of his 13 majors. More recently, even such stars as Phil Mickelson and Lorena Ochoa were hung with the unenviable title of 'Best Player Never to Win a Major.'
The Comebacker
We couldnt have said it any better.

Elizabeth writes: You are a bit like Bill O'Reilly ('The O'Reilly Factor' of Fox News) at Golf Channel. I said this as a compliment. I watched many networks but found Bill O'Reilly the most objective. Your view on Michelle Wie and her impact on the future of LPGA Tour is as objective as it gets.
The Comebacker
I wish I could take a Bill OReilly comparison as a compliment.

Joel writes: As a typical hack golfer (12.8 index right now) I am always amazed to read complaints from my fellow hack amateurs about how this, that, or the other player is not playing their best. Phil Mickelson is one of the favorite targets these days. I say I am amazed because it baffles me that anyone who has played this impossible game can be anything but sympathetic in the face of a fellow sufferer's suffering.
The Comebacker This reminds me of a remark Jeff Sluman once made after a poor round (for him) of golf: I hate golf, Sluman said with a brief pause'What time are we playing tomorrow?

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