Ogilvy Gets His Due


The Comebacker this week is mostly about Geoff Ogilvy getting his props. Seems that his meteoric rise to No. 4 in the world and his stunning dominance of the WGC-Accenture World Match play have finally gotten the attention of the entire golf world.
There was also a post or two (or three or four or five), surprise, surprise, at The Comebacker about the return to golf of a guy named Tiger. Turns out people are waiting for him to walk on water.
Without further ado:
Jonathan writes: Why dont you look at Ogilvys entire body of work, rather than just the tournaments when he plays well? Tiger gets judged on everything he does, every shot, every round, every fairway hit or missed, whether hes in contention or not. What if you gave Ogilvys game a Tiger treatment? You would see how many times he has never been in contention over the past several years. Ogilvy missed six cuts last year. And his best finish in a major was T9 in the U.S. Open. Hes missed the cut in the last two British Opens
THE COMEBACKER: And blah-de-blah-de-blah. Sheesh. Give Ogilvy a break. Hes the hottest player in the world. Nobody said he was Tiger Woods.
Alookkin writes: Finally an article written by someone who knows golf and recognizes how good and accomplished a player Ogilvy is. He is by far the best Australian currently on the Tour. Maybe even surpassing Greg Norman, since Ogilvy has won a major on U.S. soil and I expect he'll win a few more before he's done.The American media has missed the boat on this guy since 2006Could it be because he has no interest in the publicity machines that drive the so called elite players who read their press clippings before even putting a ball on 1st tee?
THE COMEBACKER: Not quite ready to place Ogilvy above Norman yet. But youre right about Ogilvy not caring about press clippings. Hes good with reporters. But he doesnt need to be stroked by the media. Hes a very regular guy.
Philip writes: You could also mention that to warm up for the PGA Tour, he (Ogilvy) won his first major event on home soil in December by winning the Australian PGA Championship. The man is on fire.
THE COMERBACKER: In the immortal words of Golf Channel kolleague Kraig Kann: If hes on fire, put him out.
Larry writes: Hard to imagine how they could increase Tigers exposure. It's about 99 percent now. Thank goodness it went down to 75 percent after he was out. They even have to show him sitting drinking water. Well at least they didn't show him walking on water.
THE COMEBACKER: If he does, we will. And so will everybody else. The Comebacker is getting a little tired of criticism of too much Tiger coverage. We dont hear anybody criticizing CBS News for too much coverage of the President.
Fred writes: No Majors this year for Tiger....Please, everyone, give it a rest until he walks from the 17th tee box to the 17th green at the Players....then you have something to talk about.
THE COMEBACKER: And then Nike will have a heckuva commercial for its golf shoes.
Hoemans writes: Enough already....Glad he lost...Is it Tigervision or television?....Give me a break....
THE COMEBACKER: Glad he lost? If Tiger had beaten Tim Clark, he would have played Ogilvy in the round of 16. Who wouldnt have wanted to see that?
Bill writes: PLEASE shut the hell up about Tiger.
Bob and Fay write: Don't get me wrong, Tiger is the best, but don't be so critical of those of us who express our opinion of his coverage by the media.
THE COMEBACKER: Fair point. But is this Bobs opinion or Fays?
Ann writes: Everyone saw the crowds he drew. Maybe he should have practiced on that course a couple of more times like most of the other golfers did. However, first time out he may not have wanted to push it but he sure seemed to walk back to the tee after that out of bounds with no limp or grimacing. So that was great to see.
THE COMEBACKER: Hey, wasnt this supposed to be a Comebacker about Geoff Ogilvy?
David writes: So what is wrong with Phil? Maybe the Tour just does not rank alongside family anymore. Maybe he has realized he will never be No. 1 and is just playing for the cashWhatever the reason, treat him like the others. You did not analyse Jim Furyks fall from grace, or Vijays or Adam Scotts. Let him enjoy his life.
THE COMEBACKER: If Lefty is, indeed, just playing for the cash, he should thank his lucky stars theres plenty of it left to play for these days.
Earleene writes: Will everyone please quit bashing Phil? No one would think of doing that to Tiger. Personally, I would rather watch Phil play badly than watch Tiger and his big head and crass caddie any day of the week.
THE COMEBACKER: Not sure I get the big head reference. Did Tiger get a new driver or something?

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