Bohn back at Heritage seven weeks after heart attack


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – Jason Bohn paused midway through his practice round on Tuesday at the RBC Heritage to talk with a few friends before he was interrupted by George McNeill, a friend and PGA Tour colleague.

“He just wanted the ‘Z-Pak,’ that’s all it was,” George McNeill laughed.

The Heritage is Bohn’s first event since being rushed to a hospital in February after making the cut at the Honda Classic with chest pains with what was originally described as a “mild heart attack.”

On Tuesday, Bohn acknowledged there was nothing “mild” about the incident. According to his doctors, the two-time Tour winner’s left anterior descending artery, also known as the “widowmaker,” was 99 percent blocked and he needed surgery to insert a stent.

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“The opportunity that I have to play again is huge,” Bohn said. “The fact that I did it this quickly is a little surprising to me. I thought I might be out for a few months. Very grateful and thrilled to be here.”

Bohn’s doctors told him it was a “freak incident” that was caused by a plaque rupture.

The 42-year-old began hitting golf balls 10 days ago and earmarked Hilton Head as a possible return date about three weeks ago.

“It’s an easy walk. I knew I was going to rent a condo with a couple buddies, and I knew it would be a dream start,” he said. “My expectations aren’t really that high with golf. Right now I just want to get back out here and see how I feel.”