Chamblee: Tiger has 'done this to himself'


One day after Tiger Woods' career-worst 85 and just hours after Woods closed with a final-round 74 at the Memorial, Golf Central's Ryan Burr, Brandel Chamblee and Notah Begay asked: Is this the end of Tiger, or just rock bottom of another impending rebound?

Comparing Woods' current struggles to other athletes at the end of their careers, Chamblee argued: "What's different about this – I don't know that it's sad – it’s mysterious, because time hasn’t robbed Tiger Woods of his game. He’s done this to himself. He’s traded his genius for the ideas of others.

"I don’t think anybody can think of a situation analogous to this – somebody at the top of their sport … that completely abandoned the method that got them to the top of their sport. Tiger did that not once but twice, not twice but three times, and he’s back at it now. And you always felt along the way, at least I felt, that sooner or later it would catch up with him, and it has clearly caught up with him."

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The conversation then turned to how long the golf world needs to wait to judge Woods' work with current swing instructor Chris Como, with Begay suggesting the end of the summer.

“If he’s playing this poorly in this PGA Championship," Begay said. "Then there’s some cause to say, ‘This hasn’t really worked out, maybe we need to make some adjustments.'”

Chamblee, however, feels as though he's seen enough.

“Well he’s been at this for about eight months with Chris Como. I think that’s plenty of time," he said. "He’s had eight months to move off of the ball and stay taller and do all of these things that seem pretty simple, and he really hasn’t done it. …

“Eight months is too long. I believe if he actually called Butch or Hank Haney, either one of them, that within a month or two they’d have him back playing some solid golf. I really do believe that.”