DeChambeau's irons aren't only just one length – they have names


AUGUSTA, Ga. – By now you’ve probably heard that amateur sensation Bryson DeChambeau uses a set of customized, same-length irons.

Did you know he also names his clubs? 

DeChambeau’s irons are stamped by their lofts, not a number (such as a 6). That makes life tricky for his caddie, who is used to receiving straightforward directions. 

“The guy that’s caddying for me this week, Drew (Hinesley), has had to learn a little bit about what I do,” DeChambeau said Tuesday at the Masters. “It’s not that difficult, and I have different names for all my golf clubs. He’s just got to memorize all nine clubs and you’re good to go.”

So, let the study session begin:

His 3-iron: Gamma, because it’s the third letter in the Greek alphabet.

His 5-iron: Azalea, because it’s his favorite par 5 at Augusta.

His 6-iron: Juniper, because it’s the sixth hole here. 

His 7-iron: Tin Cup, because that was Roy McAvoy’s favorite club and the loft – 34 degrees – adds up to seven (three plus four). 

His 8-iron: 8-ball, because, well, that one is pretty obvious.

His 9-iron: Jackie, because Jackie Robinson’s uniform number (42) is the same as his club’s loft. 

His 46-degree wedge: Herman Keiser, because he won here in 1946.

His 50-degree gap wedge: Jimmy, because Jimmy Demaret won here in 1950.

His 55-degree sand wedge: Mr. Ward, because Harvey Ward was the low amateur here in ’55.

His 60-degree wedge: King, because Arnold Palmer won here in ’60.

Alas, he failed to mention the name of his 4-iron.

“Haven’t gotten to the woods yet,” DeChambeau said. “I’ll get to those eventually.”