Report: Horschel paid caddie $1M after FedEx win


It's customary for a caddie to receive 10 percent of his player's winnings upon victory. In this case, Billy Horschel's caddie ended up with 10 percent of $10 million.

Horschel, of course, took home the 2014 FedEx Cup and the eight-figure annuity that comes with the trophy. He collected around $13.5 million in a two-week period, including his triumph at the BMW Championship.

And according to GolfWeek's Jim McCabe, Horschel proved just as talented giving away the money as he did winning it.

"The $10,000 he left to the locker-room attendants at East Lake Golf Club, site of his title-clinching victory, started things. Family and “team” members were rewarded. When caddie Micah Fugitt learned of his boss’ goodwill – a $1 million bonus – he was speechless.

“Shock, happiness, joy,” said Fugitt, who will set up college funds for his two children. “You have such a wide range of emotions.”

Mostly, this: “He’s always been great about showing gratitude to people like that.”

If you've ever met Horschel, maybe call him up to say hello and lie about that putting tip you gave him a few years back.