Hueber replaces Woods at Americas Cup


The 30 teams for the second annual Americas Golf Cup (Oct. 22-25) have been finalized, and that means Matt Kuchar has a new partner.

Kuchar was supposed to tee it up with Tiger Woods, but Woods withdrew after another back surgery. He was replaced by Justin Hueber, the top American on the PGA Tour Latinoamérica's Order of Merit.

While Woods won't be playing in the event, he will attend the opening ceremony and hold a press conference in Mexico City.

Other notables in the field include Carlos Ortiz, Esteban Toledo and Manny Villegas.

The full list of teams and participants are below:

Matt Kuchar - Justin Hueber (USA)

Armando Favela – Santiago Gavino (Mexico)

Carlos Ortiz - Rodolfo Cazaubón (Mexico)

Brady Watt – Jake Younan Wise (Australia)

Roberto Díaz – Yoshio Yamamoto (Mexico)

Maxi Godoy – Gato Zarlenga (Argentina)

Esteban Toledo – Jose de J.Rodríguez (Mexico)

José Toledo – Pablo Acuña (Guatemala)

Fabrizio Zanotti – Marco Ruiz (Paraguay)

Leandro Marelli – Augusto Núñez (Argentina)

Taylor Pendrith – Albin Choi (Canada)

Marcelo Rozo – Manuel Merizalde (Colombia)

Manuel Villegas – Oscar Álvarez (Colombia)

Willy Pumarol – Ernesto Vitienes (Dominican Rep.)

Sebastián Vázquez- Juan Pablo Solís (Mexico)

Jaime Clavijo – Jesús Amaya (Colombia)

Wil Bateman – Matt Hill (Canada)

Linus Gillgren- Mathias Gronberg (Sweden)

Rafael Campos – Edward Figueroa (Puerto Rico)

Cristian Espinoza – Guillermo Pereira (Chile)

Kent Bulle – Keith Mitchell (USA)

Daniel Stapff – Rafael Becker (Brazil)

Felipe Velásquez - Alfredo Adrián (Venezuela)

James Ross – Jimmy Gunn (Scotland)

Adam Schenk – Nate Lashley (USA)

Omar Tejeira – Michael Méndez (Panama)

Mitch Krywulcyz – Ryan McCarthy (Australia)

Constantin Schweirz – Stephan Jaeger (Germany)

Samuel Del Val – David Borda (Spain)

Fernando Figueroa – Herbert Day (El Salvador)