Must-watch: Fan makes putt, wins $100 off Rose


Meet the newest hero of the 2016 Ryder Cup – Dave Johnson, who just took $100 off Justin Rose.

America's answer to P.J. Willett was heckling the European group of Rose, Henrik Stenson, Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan, as Rose and Stenson were studying a putt on the eighth green, which Johnson said he could make. That's when Stenson called Johnson out of the crowd and gave him Andy Sullivan's putter, as Rose offered him $100 to see if he really could make the putt.

After complaining that the putter was too short – he can be heard asking, "Where's DJ's putter?" – Johnson stands over the ball, says, "Home soil, right?" and races it into the center, sending the surrounding crowd into a frenzy.

You can see the $100 bill laying next to the ball and later being picked up by Stenson. Here's Johnson giving a Tiger-like fist pump and hugging McIlroy as Stenson hands the bill back to Rose, who then gives it to Johnson.

Props to Rose's caddie, Mark Fulcher, for running over for the double high-five. The Europeans have had a fun Thursday, haven't they?