One year later, Bubba reflects on yelling at caddie


CROMWELL, Conn. – One year ago, Bubba Watson led the Travelers Championship by one stroke while standing on the 16th tee Sunday afternoon. Within minutes, the entire tournament changed, as he carded a triple bogey and audibly criticized caddie Ted Scott – an action which was caught by television cameras and microphones.

In advance of this week’s edition of the tournament, he reflected on that situation.

“He forgave me, and I told him I looked like a jerk, and I shouldn't have done that,” Watson said. “I shouldn't have done it that way. In the heat of the moment we do things that we don't like. I've been yelled at before in situations that I didn't like. No, we're all good. I gave him a raise trying to make him happy so he wouldn't quit. But no, we're all good. We've been together nine years. Obviously he's a grown man. He's 41 years old, so he can quit me at any time if he didn't like what I was doing.”

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Watson also discussed the ensuing reaction to his reaction.

“I thought the reaction was really bad,” he said. “Teddy knows I love him. He knows what my heart is; he knows what my heart is all about. He knows I would never yell at him. He knows that he was the one that wanted me to hit that club … and if we had that same shot again this year, I'm going to try to do the same thing (take his advice).

“He gave me that much – I don't know the right word to say, but that much effort, and that's what he wanted me to hit. He believed this was the right club. You're pumped up … and I thought I hit it pretty good, and it drew, came up short. I told him afterwards, all the media attention, people writing him, people texting him saying how bad I am as a person. You know, he takes up for me a lot and I take up for him a lot. We love each other, and I would do it again.

“I've told him, I have 100 percent confidence in you, and if you preach to me this is the club again, I'm going with it. There's many times where he tells me the right club and I just hit it terrible. That one I was posing, I thought it was really good. So when I walked over there, I said it, and I probably did say it the wrong way and with cameras all around us. I said, ‘That's the club?  That's the club, Teddy?’ Which obviously was not right at the time, and we've all made mistakes.”