PGA issues statement clarifying Bishop's status


In an effort to clear up the confusion surrounding Ted Bishop's future, the PGA of America on Monday issued the following "statement of clarification" with respect to Bishop's membership status:

"The PGA of America would like to clarify that Ted Bishop will retain his status as a member of the PGA of America. As such, he will enjoy the same rights and privileges of all PGA members, including the ability to attend PGA of America events.

"Bishop will continue to be recognized as the 38th President of the PGA, and his record of service during the time period which he served will remain intact.

"Due to his removal from office, Bishop will not serve on the Board of Directors in the role of Honorary President, nor will he be granted the rights and privileges of a Past President in our governance structure."

In an interview with GolfWorld released Monday morning, Bishop admitted he was given the opportunity by the PGA of America to resign, rather than be forcibly ousted.