Tour changes two hole locations after Rd. 3 woes


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – After Saturday’s putting adventures, officials appeared more interested in erring on the side of caution for Sunday’s final round.

The PGA Tour sent out two revisions to Sunday’s hole locations, adjusting the hole on the par-4 fourth hole and the par-4 14th.

“On 14, we had the flag middle right, and it was kind of high, and it was going to be downwind,” said Mark Russell, the Tour’s vice president of rules and competition. “We thought it would be better if we moved it to the left, where it was down just a little bit because we’re supposed to have some pretty good winds this afternoon.”

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Originally, the hole at the fourth was 13 paces deep and four paces from the right edge, but was moved to 16 paces deep and four paces from the left edge of the green.

At No. 14, the hole was moved from 13 deep and six from the right edge, to 19 deep and four from the left edge.

“We thought that the hole location at No. 4 could possibly present us a problem and that’s the last thing we wanted, so we moved it to another spot,” Russell said.

Russell also said greens staff put water on the greens, which were estimated to be running at 15 on the Stimpmeter for the third round, Saturday night and single cut and rolled them early Sunday. The target green speed was 13 on the Stimpmeter for Round 4, Russell said.