Video: Allenby thanks homeless woman for helping


Robert Allenby was reunited Monday night with the homeless woman whom he says intervened and pulled him away from two men who were trying to rob him.

In an interview with 7News Australia, Allenby kissed the woman, Charade Keane, on the cheek, gave her a hug and thanked her for pulling him away from a group of men late Friday night in Hawaii.

Here was their on-camera exchange:

Allenby: “Thank you for looking after me.”

Keane: “No problem.”

Allenby: “Appreciate what you did for me.”

Keane: “Oh, your bruise is still healing.” 

Allenby: “Yeah, it’s going to take a while.” 

Keane says that she found a bloody-faced and disoriented Allenby on a planter box, arguing with two men, about a block from the wine bar where he says he was abducted.

Keane said that she then intervened, directed Allenby away from the men and walked him across the street to hail a cab.

“I said, ‘Hold on, don’t yell at this man, he needs help,’” Keane said in the interview. “So at that point, I did not know who had done this to him. I really wanted to get him into a cab. He didn’t want to call the police.”

Local outlets are reporting that it was a military EMT who eventually put Allenby in a cab and paid for his ride back to the hotel. 

Some remain skeptical about the events of that evening, and the police are still investigating the incident. 

“Well, I believe him and I was there,” Keane said in the interview. “I know that he was hurt and somebody hurt him and he was robbed.”

Said Allenby: “Most people in the world don’t believe my story and I think that’s a shame, because I think when you look at my face, it kind of shows what happened.”

At the end of the TV interview, Allenby gave Keane a $1,000 American Express gift card. 

“At least it’ll get your meals and all that,” Allenby told her.