Webb motivated late in career to qualify for Olympics


Karrie Webb may be 40 now, but she is full of motivation heading into the new season.

She is excited about the chance to compete in the Olympics next year.

“I think just making the Olympic team is why I’m still playing a full schedule and why I’m working really hard,” Webb said Wednesday in her pre-tournament news conference at the Women’s Australian Open, where she is the defending champion. “I’m not taking anything for granted, that it’s given that I’m on the team for next year. So, like I said, I need to stay fit and healthy. And as far as the Olympic gold goes, that would be absolutely unbelievable.”

Webb, who is seeking her sixth Women’s Australian Open title, told reporters earlier in the week that she will reassess her career plans after this Olympic bid.

“I sort of feel like I am going to play as full a schedule as I have, and work as hard as I have, for the next two years and then see where that shakes out,” Webb was quoted saying in the Brisbane Times.

“I could be playing close to the best golf of my career, and it could be really hard to scale back. Or, I might just be ready for a break. Or, I might be somewhere in between, where I still play a handful of events but just not a full schedule. But, for now, I'm not looking past 2016.”