Woods still believes he'll break Nicklaus' record


Tiger Woods still believes he can break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major titles, even as his competitive future remains cloudy. 

Appearing Thursday on Charlie Rose’s show on PBS, Woods said only that he has “accepted I’m going to get more” than 18 majors.

Here is the full exchange during the one-on-one interview (4:57 mark of video):

Rose: Do you believe you’ll get 18 majors?

Woods: To be honest with you, no. 

Rose: You don’t? 

Woods: No.

Rose: You’ve accepted that?

Woods: I’ve accepted I’m going to get more.

He laughed after giving the final answer. According to a report, when asked later if he meant breaking Nicklaus’ mark of 18 majors, Woods replied: “Correct.”

Woods touched on a wide range of topics, from his possible return later this year (“I’m hoping to come back in December,” he said) to the only regret in his career to how he has explained his failed marriage to his two kids.

“I said, ‘Everybody makes mistakes, and the reason why mommy’s living in her house and daddy’s living in his house is because daddy made some mistakes, and it’s OK,’” Woods said in the interview.

Asked if it was a burden being Tiger Woods, he said that the only regret he has is that he didn’t stay another year at Stanford. He left after two seasons with the Cardinal. The following spring, at the age of 21, he won the Masters by 12 shots.

“It’s a burden in the sense that – the amount of obligations that I have at a tournament,” he said. “The anonymity that was lost that – you know, if you look back, the only regret I have in life is not spending another year at Stanford, and I wish I would’ve had one more year.” 

You can read more of the interview here