Flip-flop Fred: Now straddling fence on Tiger, Presidents Cup


On Tuesday's 'Golf Central,' Fred Couples told Tim Rosaforte that he was going to pick Tiger Woods for the Presidents Cup team. But that interview was taped two months ago at the Memorial.

Rosaforte sat down with Couples again Wednesday at the Senior Players Championship at Westchester Country Club in New York and said Woods would be on the team ... sort of. As only Couples can do, he straddled the fence pretty good.

'It's wrong to leave him off the team, but a lot of people would think it's wrong to put him on the team,' Couples said. 'Right now I believe in the guy. I'm not slighting anyone by having to choose him.'

But, in the next breath Couples said he'd like to see Woods play more golf, including perhaps a Fall Series events.

'For me to pick him to play on our team he has to play a little more golf,' he said. 'We have to wait to see when that will be.'