Goydos Tigers competition not soft


Spoke to one of the PGA Tour's resident wise men, Paul Goydos, about this idea that today's generation of players is soft. He said it's actually a knock on Tiger Woods, a way of suggesting that he's not beating anyone.

'If you tell me I'm not as talented, that I'll buy,' Goydos said. 'But when you say I'm soft you're suggesting I don't try as hard or don't want to win, and that I won't buy.'

Goydos believes there's more depth on Tour than ever.

'There are 10 Lee Trevinos today,' he said. 'And the only time there's more depth than today is tomorrow.'

Goydos makes valid points, but as Tiger keeps winning he not only burnishes his own reputation as perhaps the best ever, he also diminishes the stature of those he's beating, fairly or unfairly.