Ask Johnny Miller instructional questions


Have you ever hoped to improve your game with feedback and tips from a major champion?  Now, you have the chance.  This fall, Golf Channel will be airing a new instructional special with some of the game's greatest players, and we need your help! 

Later this month, we will begin filming the first part of this special, and we are looking for community members to submit instruction-oriented questions for our guests to answer.  First up to field your questions: Johnny Miller, renowned TV announcer and champion of both the 1973 U.S. Open and 1976 British Open. 

So the floor is now yours.  What tips would you like to hear, or what area of your game are you looking to improve?  Submit your questions in the comment section below, and if yours is selected for use in the program (set to air this December), we will contact you via e-mail.  Let's see what instructional questions you have for Johnny Miller, and stay tuned to see which other major champions will be featured in this special telecast!