Prized possession: Freddie and his 'ladies' driver'


ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Fred Couples used a “ladies’ driver” as his 3-wood for years in his PGA Tour career.

Couples told the story behind how a woman’s driver got into his bag during his World Golf Hall of Fame induction speech Monday night. He found it in Tom Watson’s garage.

We’ll let Couples tell it in his own distinctive story-telling style:

“I asked Tom Watson, a long time ago, on an off week, can I go stay with you at your house and learn a little bit? He says, `Sure, come on.’ So, sure enough, I fly into Kansas City. I'm thinking, `We're going to hit balls for five hours a day for five days, and I'm going to ask him how he makes all these putts.’ First day we made bullets for rifles. The second day we fished, which I don't even know how to fish. The third day, we shot skeet. I never hit a clay pigeon, or a bird, or a rabbit, or anything. And so the last day, we're in his garage, and I didn't really need to pack my bag because I never unpacked my clubs, but I found a 3-wood, which was a ladies' driver, in his garage, and I'm looking at this thing, and I said, `Can I take this?' He goes, `Yeah, it's Linda's, go ahead and have it.’ It's not a bad thing.

“But I took this thing, and I played in a lot of Presidents Cups with it. I played in a lot of Ryder Cups with it. And in about an hour, or whenever I finish this, you will see it in my trophy case next door. It's the 3-wood that I used for several years, which is like a mini-driver. But that maybe was better than getting five hours of practice, that I got this driver, which I used for a 3-wood.”