The fall of Woods continues


We are witnessing the deconstruction of Tiger Woods performed by Tiger Woods. Before I go any further, please understand I am aware that this is something that Tiger brought upon himself.  However, from my seat this is tough to watch.

There has been a wide spectrum of emotion shown to us over the last few months. Remember at Augusta when Tiger said he wanted to be kinder and gentler? He tried to be, but soon the media wanted more and the smile sometimes turned to a snarl. So, Tiger’s fragile psyche jumped publicly from nice to nasty, both a parallel of his emotions.

Now, it seems the reality of his marriage imploding is hitting him and we see a man who is not invested in the game that made him iconic. Divorce is a brutal beast that triggers all kinds of demons that one must wrestle with. As we know, Tiger is incredibly competitive. He has now failed as a husband, something our society holds in high regard. That has to be eating at him.

As for his professional life, if Tiger keeps playing like this he will likely not qualify for the U.S. Ryder Cup team. Poor Corey Pavin will have a tough decision. Do you take Tiger, who is playing terribly, as a captain’s pick or do you become the man who did not pick Woods to represent the stars and stripes? The next few months will be interesting.