Happy 42nd birthday, Shaq!


Happy birthday, Shaq! For a 7-foot, 1-inch guy, he certainly seems to fit in just about everywhere. On the basketball court, in the TV studio and even on the golf course. Just look at those moves. Would you expect anything less from a guy who once thought the Parthenon in Greece was a nightclub?

Once you finish laughing, check out the full video below in a Cartoon Network segment entitled, "Shaq's Got Next." Shaq challenges Bubba Watson to a game of golf and despite the fact that The Diesel is a horrible, horrible golfer, he might just catapult his way into your dream foursome by the end of the clip. So Happy Birthday, Big Aristotle! Here's to hoping you celebrate your 42nd with a face full of Peeps and not making Kazaam 2.