No one getting fired in latest Poulter Twitter beef


It appears that no one will lose their job in Ian Poulter’s latest Twitter flap.

Poulter tweeted the following on Tuesday, clarifying that he had spoken to the head of a delivery company, whose employee had referred to Poulter in an unflattering light.

It all began after Poulter was caught disparaging a cameraman at last week’s Hong Kong Open. Glenn Stacey, a driver for Reliable Carriers, remarked, in his own choice way, that he wasn't too fond of Poulter, to which Poulter responded with this:

Poulter then went back and forth with his Twitter followers on who was in the wrong and who was in the right.

Earlier this year, Poulter tattled to the employer of a guy who heckled him on Twitter and the offender was subsequently fired.

This time, however, Stacey’s job, if Poulter has anything to say about it, is safe. Though, they won't be working together again. A reflective Poulter put a cap on things with this tweet: