Rory responds to fan's request for driver on Facebook


As some Rickie Fowler "fans" found out recently, you just never know if your favorite celebrity may see the comments you leave on their social media account.

Rory McIlroy was sifting through the comments on his Facebook page Tuesday when he came across Barry Edwards' shot in the dark, a joking request for a new driver.

And wouldn't you know it, the four-time major champ just happened to have one lying around that he wasn't using anymore, and he did his new buddy the ultimate solid by offering to send it to him.

And because this is 2015, and nothing good in life comes without a supersized helping of peanut butter and jealous, Barry was immediately forced to fight off the haters, and he did so with class.

Note to fellow PGA Tour pros: If you suddenly see a mass influx of requests for your used clubs, you know who to thank for it.

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h/t to For the Win