See food: Wie eating live squid a must-see video!


Michelle Wie's affection for, shall we say, unique cuisine has been well documented. She often posts photos and videos of her Asian-inspired dishes to social media, and this past week in Korea was no exception.

In the video below, the "Morning Drive" crew reacts (or doesn't react - they're pretty speechless) to a video Wie posted to her Instagram account where she's seen eating live squid.

Earlier this year, Wie sat down with's Rex Hoggard to discuss eating live squid (she's a repeat offender) and taking selfies, among other things. Of eating live squid she said, "It's actually one of my favorite things to eat when I'm back home in Korea. I love it."

It's cool, Michelle. I, also, have an affinity for squid. Except I prefer mine dead, fried and covered in marinara ... otherwise known as calamari.