Snoop Dogg: Golf needs my 'close friend' Tiger back


You learn something new every day.

TMZ Sports caught up with Snoop Dogg recently to get his hot takes on Tiger Woods and the current state of the golf world (obviously), and the 45-year-old rapper had some stuff to get off his chest, starting with the fact that he was "close friends" with Woods.

The Doggfather went on to call Tiger's impending return from injury in December a "beautiful thing" because golf is "garbage without him" and "it ain't as fly as it used to be." 

He then compared the sport of golf to Shake 'n Bake chicken, calling Woods the "flavor" and the "seasoning salt."

If this mini-audition doesn't get Snoop Dogg in the broadcast booth at the Hero World Challenge, we've failed as a society.

And in case you're doubting the legitimacy of Snoop and Tiger's friendship, click here or on the picture below to see a bunch of incredible photos of the buddies just hamming it up at Spike TV's 2nd Annual Video Game Awards back in 2004.

Editor's note: These photos are real and they are spectacular.