Best facial hair somehow loses Mustache Madness


The Tour's Mustache Madness is one of the better traditions in golf. It allows some of golf's unknowns to make a name for fool of themselves, by shaving their flavor savers into the most ridiculous shape they can think of. Normally we would just bring you the pictures and bask in their awesomeness with you. Not this year.

The man in the Instagram video below, 38-year-old D. J. Brigman, showed up to this year's contest with a red, white and blue U.S.A. shaved into his face, and one can only assume with Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." blasting from speakers nearby. The video clearly shows a pretty good "Mowtache" sported by James Nitties, which won first, and the far superior patriotic face furniture of Brigman, which inexplicably was only good enough for second place.

Where was this contest held, Belgium? They have a history of crushing American dreams.

Good for Nitties on the start of a Mustache Madness dynasty (he also won in 2012). Our beef is not with him. All we're saying is, something is seriously flawed with the voting system.

Below we've included some more of the best images from the Madness.





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