The Social: With a little help from their friends


Rickie Fowler and friends celebrate a big win, Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky make a big announcement and Donald Trump's pal recalls the president's hole-in-one. All that and more in this week’s edition of The Social.

Perhaps the only people happier than Fowler about his win on Sunday at the Honda Classic were the guys he beat – especially the bros from #SB2K16.

After making it back to the PGA Tour winner’s circle for the first time since 2015, Fowler was greeted on the course by Justin Thomas, who returned to PGA National after missing the cut (you can tell because he's wearing shorts), and they continued the celebration with Smylie Kaufman, documenting the whole thing on Snapchat, obviously. That’s kind of their thing.

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A post shared by @golf_snaps on

Others, including Jordan Spieth, congratulated Fowler from afar.

As Thomas pointed out in his Instagram post, Fowler’s win makes it five on the season for the spring breakers, so maybe they were on to something when it comes to the whole vacation thing. Anticipation for the #SB2K17 official guest list continues to mount.

A week after letting the world know they had another bun in the oven, DJ and Paulina combined their favorite things for the gender reveal … golf, Instagram and bathing suits.

I love my family and the new one on the way @paulinagretzky

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If the scene looks vaguely familiar, there’s a reason why. The new world No. 1 and his fiancée spend a lot of time in and around bodies of water ... boats, beaches, that sort of thing ... and it looks like the hard work paid off.

Almost as if they've been practicing for this very moment for years:

I got 99 problems but you won't be one @djohnsonpga

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Best b-day ever! I love you @paulinagretzky

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On the boat, love you @pmgypsy

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There are plenty of ways to get in trouble on a golf cart.

The latest example comes to us from starting defensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts, David Parry, who was arrested on suspicion of robbery, auto theft, criminal damage, resisting arrest and driving under the influence over the weekend in Scottsdale, Ariz.

According to Scottsdale police, Parry allegedly hit his golf cart taxi driver over the head and took off with his vehicle, but was found a short time later after crashing into a gate.

Take it from Austin Powers, golf carts don't make very good getaway vehicles.

Rickie Fowler ... four-time PGA Tour winner ... voice of an angel. Courtesy of Skratch TV.

@rickiefowler had the perfect response for his critics after yesterday's win...

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Brennan Huff may be called the songbird of our generation, by people who have heard him, but he's got some competition.

J.T. Poston is a PGA Tour rookie and he won’t forget that anytime soon after his experience at the Honda Classic. Poston took to Twitter to share his experience at PGA National, when someone mistook him for a member of the valet staff and handed him their car keys before he had a chance to correct them.

To our knowledge, no video exists of the incident, but lucky for you, Rodney Dangerfield volunteered to do a re-enactment:

Everyone loves a good hole-in-one story. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Isn't that right, President Trump?

Trump held a meeting with the heads of several U.S. manufacturing firms last week and they reminisced on one of Trump's previous aces.

Sure, it was brought up completely unprompted, by Trump himself, but hey, they guy made a hole-in-one and General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt recalled the magical day with only a few alternative facts.

The Water Bottle Challenge has officially reached the golf world. The sport responsible for the Ice Bucket Challenge has hopped on board with the latest viral trend, as Lydia Ko put her own special  twist on the flip.

If this continues the same way the Ice Bucket Challenge did, Keegan Bradley will be flipping an embarrassingly small bottle of water onto his wedge in the near future:

Ask and you shall receive, Mr. Lawrence.