Only pollen may stop Tiger


AUGUSTA, Ga. – He suffered great humiliation but no loss of skill. In two days, Tiger Woods obliterated any concern that he’d be a different player. Two more just like it and the last five months, as big as they were, could by Sunday look like a pothole on the way to 18 majors.

With every good round he plays and every smile and tip of the cap, it feels as if the scandal never happened.

“It felt normal,” Tiger said. And that’s what makes it so strange. If you were dropped in from another planet with no idea what had transpired in Tiger’s life, you’d think Tiger was a returning war hero or cancer survivor to look at way he’s been embraced.

People are as forgiving as they are curious about the prurient details of the lives of superstars. And people here just want to watch good golf. They’re cheering his shots as they would any other player.

“I feel very comfortable,” he said.

Tiger’s week has gone perfectly, without a hitch really. Good golf, warm reception, no incidents. He’s encountered just one problem.

“The pollen is killing my eyes,” Tiger said.