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Photos: Finau shows off injured, purple ankle

Getty Images

By now, you're no doubt of aware Tony Finau's dislocation - and immediate relocation - of the ankle he injured celebrating his hole-in-one during the Masters Par 3 Contest last Wednesday.

But just for good measure, to really lend context to the images below, let's watch this clip just one more time.

After an MRI on Thursday revealed that he didn't fracture the ankle, Finau made the decision to go ahead and play his first Masters, ultimately tying for 10th at tournament's end at 7 under par.

A top-10 finish at the Masters is impressive under just about any conditions, but these images Finau shared to Instagram on Monday make his effort a lot more commendable.

Walking Augusta National for four days straight is hard enough with two good ankles, so congratulations to Finau for playing some stellar golf on a swollen, purple kankle.

It's safe to say he more than earned his return trip to the Masters in 2019 - and a week or two to heal up now in 2018.